Developing tomorrow’s

medical technologies, today.


We are a spin-off of Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona created in late 2009 to develop innovative clinical products and services using medical technologies based on image analysis and processing. Our aim is to ease the way to better non-invasive diagnostics, which will reduce public health costs and improve patient care.



quantusFLM is a non-invasive, fast and easy-to-use Fetal Lung Maturity test based on the analysis of an image of the fetal lungs obtained by ultrasound. Simply using a 4-chamber-view fetal ultrasound, quantusFLM is able to provide an accurate result of baby’s lung maturity in a few minutes.

quantusFLM constitutes a revolution in this kind of tests, since it offers similar accuracy to current methods while being 100% non-invasive.


As a spin-off of a world-renowned medical research group, excellence is an inherent part of our daily effort to develop and ethically commercialize technologies that can substantially improve clinical care. Therefore, our philosophy compels us to develop medical technologies that:

Solve real clinical problems identified by well-known experts of each field.

Apply disruptive technologies that may represent a great improvement over the current state of the art.

Apply innovative business models based on making new technologies more accessible.

Contribute to a better quality of life of the final patients.